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Hello to anyone who's seeing this,

I would like to say I've been an frequent player of Acid Estox.
This server has been such great memory for me, I spent so much great time in it.
We had one of the most entertaining communities in the conquer private server industry.
I was so sad to hear that this server closed when it happened and I tried so hard to get the source from the people who make it and run it back up.
I would pay anything to get this server back up and get those memories back. I looked into thousands of articles about this server in various conquer online private servers based websites and with alot of researching I found one of the people who's related to the admins but unfortunatly I didn't get any response from him.
Acid Estox was really a unique server with unique attributes and great community and I am sure if we get this server back up again it will skyrocket into the top number 1 server in all Conquer online private servers and what's also great right now is Classic conquers is trending atm so Acid Estox would actually be very good now because it wasn't only a classic type of server but also it embeds elements from modern co which is amazing
If any of the admins is reading this please contact me I would do anything for the server source and files, I won't take credit for them ofc. I want to get this server back up and running that's all.

Contact me @

Discord: rank108
Email: peteratef2011@hotmail.com
Skype: peteratefbles2010


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