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FB/SS Guide

Post  FuckTQ on Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:58 pm

You want to know how to become a pro at fb/ss?
Here is a guide for it.
At the first thing, just go TG.
Stay there for 20mins, where you just just jump around 1
stake. Just use fastblade or scentsword on it.
After the 20mins you should could do it, without miss any hits
If not, just stay some more time.
Now you are over the beggining stage of fbing/ssing
Okay now to PvP part.
Always look for the left foot
And turn the mouse a little backward or forward from it.
Never on it.
Okay then shoot the fastblade/Scentsword and you should hit.
You can also go after the shadow, but left foot is almost hit everytime.
Okay you are now close to be good at fb/ss.
Now the last thing.
Dont waste all your stamina at 10seconds.
Save them untill your sure your hit.
Just practice to hit quickly and in the end you can kick them first try everytime

From Shido44:
ask a friend to help

let em jump around you , you gotta stay inda middle so your sitting n he is jumping , you try to aim without moving

From Freeland:
Always try to anticipate where your opponent is going to jump.

Here is some examples where to aim Very Happy

And yes i know this is not from here.
Is from coemu, wich is closed, so who cares? :p
well i hope this learn some peoples it.

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Re: FB/SS Guide

Post  Logan on Wed May 05, 2010 9:07 pm

There aren't any real tricks to it, I mean depending on the server, it could be completely different. The TG thing works really well.

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