I really need help

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I really need help

Post  Kaotica on Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:37 pm

I can register on the forums and the level server, and play the level server. But when i try register on the pvp server it keeps telling me that it was sucessful but my password is invalid when i try log ingame. but i used the same password as my level server and i know i typed it right.

How can i get to play the pvp server?

I'm in the elements tab, and i can log into the second dragon thingy. but not the first one that has "acid" underneath it..
am i doing something wrong?


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Post  Rylee on Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:20 am

You must have register before with that IP and is permitted to have 1 acc PER IP on pvp.


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