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Search & Destroy

Post  WriteLove on Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:03 am

The New Search&Destroy Tournament Has Beed Added.

How It Work's

Player Requirement: 5

Award: 1,000 Honor Point's

GameType: Free For All


There Will Be An NPC In Twin City Named Search|N|Destroy

Sign Up There, You'll Be Sent To A Lobby Till There Are 5
Player's, Once The Fifth Person Has Entered, The Match
Begin's, You'll All Be Teleported To The Event Map With 1 HP,
You Will Battle It Out There, Every Kill You Get Will Show Your
Score, Winning Point Amount Is 10. First Player To Get There
Win's! ;D If You Die Your Sent To The Waiting Lobby,
You Must Wait There Till Everyone But One Person
On The Event Map Have Been Destroyed. Once There All Dead
Except For The One Suvivor, You Can Enter Back Into The
Game And Your HP Will Go Back To 1.

Hope You Guy's Enjoy It! <3 -Dylan


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